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Post by edwardelricthethird on Tue Apr 28, 2015 2:10 pm

Since I already know, once we get this place going the most used magic is going to be the Slayer magic. There will be slots available for use, but you MUST message me first in order to use one. The Dragon Slayer I use does not take up slot so don't worry. My main worry is that 15 slots might not be enough. So as we go i will be adding slots on occasions, or you can earn a slot. You must be strong enough to face a Slayer. If you choose to be a Celestial Spirits Wizard, that might be a little hard on you. If you want, i know i said no canon but, you can keep canon spirits (e.g. Loki) instead of making brand new ones. Making new magic is alright as long as its not god modding. And please note an admin or moderator about an arc magic.


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