Fairy Tail RP Rules

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Fairy Tail RP Rules

Post by edwardelricthethird on Mon Apr 27, 2015 2:23 pm

Here will be a list of rules! Have fun!

1. You must read ALL rules before entering the chatroom. I MEAN ALL.
2. Bullying of any sort will not be tolerated.
3. All actions done in roleplay MUST be marked. Doesn't matter if its with * or -
4. When speaking out of roleplay you must mark with ()
5. I don't think that talking back to a moderator or any higher up is very smart...
6. No spam or advertisement
7. Please ask before joining rp randomly. Don't be that guy.
8. if you can, read other peoples oc bios. It helps the rp to know person more
9. Im sorry, but no. Your character cannot have a relationship with canon characters. ;-; Me so sorry.
10. 2 OCs belonging to one person cannot get in a relationship. For example if you make a oc named Sarah and a oc named Bob they cant be together in rp.
11. Making an oc is necessary to joining the chat
12. No god mods, and now auto dodging. What i mean by that is you cant keep dodging/blocking forever and ever and ever. ITS GOD MOD. And boring.
13. No killing someones oc without permission.
14. Oh yea, and WOOPDY DOO! You can type quicker then your enemy! Great! Doesn't matter! You have to take turns.
15. Have fun Smile


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